Drink your damn water, sis

Updated: May 26, 2021

A few months ago I made a commitment to start nourishing my body better. I mean, I was extremely great at downing some White Claws, but like...there was NO balance with water. I dont't know about you, but it is very easy to forget how amazing a regular water intake can make your body feel! Insert my best investment ever! So, let me just start by saying this beautiful baby holds a half gallon of water! WHAT?! I went from drinking maybe a bottle or two (if I remembered) a day, now I think I'm grown enough all of a sudden to handle A HALF GALLON?! I didn't think it was possible, but I jumped on it anyway. There was all my water in one place without having to even think twice about grabbing a new bottle of water to keep track. Deal! And baby girl let me tell you, by my (and my husband's) surprise....it worked. Day one, and I caught myself filling it TWICE. First attention grab for this product for me was already mentioned. Half a gallon in one place made it so much easier and convenient for me personally. Especially with the fact that I had been slacking on my water SO bad for SO long. Second enticing feature, they have so many color options for both women and men! Third, the incredibly beautiful insulated sleeve designs! I mean, that may not be a major selling point for many, but for me being able to customize my newly important habit was like striking gold. Not only does the sleeve keep the jug cool, but also comes equipped with an easy to carry strap and sleeves built in to hold your phone, keys, cards etc. PERFECT! When I go on my walks this feature makes it the perfect companion to keep everything hands free. Lastly, the option to add in their straw! Yes, you may be like "wtf Cait, it's a straw..not much of a necessity for me." What I will say is this was HUGE for me. It makes it way easier to drink and I also know myself well enough to know that I always drink more (and quickly) through a straw than I do without. I believe it was why it made it so easy to down that half gallon. So to each their own, but I'm super glad I grabbed that bad boy. All in all, this is on my HIGHLY recommended list. Not only for convenience, or aesthetic, or the fact it the perfect beach/pool companion, but because it has made such and essential part of life so much easier for me. We NEED water. And this sassy little gal will become your quick new BFF. Xoxo, Cait

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