I don't need you to love my body..

Updated: May 28, 2021

"OMG! Did she just post her belly rolls and cellulite on the internet?" Oh honey, you better believe I did. Let me also say that I am not sorry about it. It took me MANY years to learn to love myself and my body through all of its ups and downs and scars and bumps. And boy oh boy has she carried me through so much in life. I am proud of her and I refuse to hide her any longer. Let me also say...WE COME IN MANY SHAPES AND SIZES, stop using the term "normal" to describe a woman or her body type. Quite frankly, ALL of us are normal. We are just each wrapped a little differently. Social standards for women today are SO all over the place, by the time you do a 180 someone else is already telling you something different. "Thick thighs are in." "Abs are the only way to be healthy." "Drink juiced veggies only or else." I know the last one was dramatic, but you get my point. HOW are we suppose to keep up with so many new things thrown in our faces and so many opinions constantly being formed around what a women 'should' look like? I say, to hell with all of that and I am going to start loving ME and doing what makes MY body feel good. Your girl has wide hips. I always have and I always will. I also love a good damn cheeseburger and a beer. And I am very unappologetic about that. I refuse to starve myself from what makes ME happy just because it may make someone else uncomfortable. Can you imagine shrinking who YOU are to your core and sacrifcing a piece of your happiness because someone else finds it "unbearable"? Sis, we are DONE with that! Stop minimizing who you are and what brings you joy, out of fear that you won't be accepted. Let me tell you a secret...if they love you for your FAKE persona...they don't love YOU at all. The benefit of being unapologetically yourself is that you attract those around you that truly adore YOU for YOU. And that, my dear friend, is a breath of fresh air that I believe some of us havent't had in years. As women, we all know the torment we can silently suffer from the worlds "standards" they hold us to. Maybe next time you pass by another woman, throw her a compliment. Build each other up rather than seeing each other as competition. We beat ourselves up ENOUGH that we do not need anyone else's help in doing so...especially not from one another. So, wear the swimsuit. Drink the beer. Go for your walk. Do what makes you the best and TRUEST version of you. Stop looking over your shoulder for the sour faces from Patty and Belinda. Stop walking with your head pointing towards the sidewalk when you take on a crown by yourself. YOU, you beautiful badass, are so worthy of wearing that crown. Love your fucking self before seeking it from others. They can't love you like you can anyway. Xoxo, Cait

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