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Updated: May 26, 2021

Hi, my name is Cait and as you see I don't really take myself too seriously. I 100% believe I get that from my dad as he always taught us to lead with love and laughter, especially when it comes to yourself (thanks daddy). I am 29 years old, and from small town Tennessee. I moved to California on a road trip nearly 4 years ago. Y'all, when I say "stick out like a sore thumb", I don't even think that remotely covers what I felt when I first got here. Like seriously, I got yelled at for holding a door open for people here on many occassions. Sorry Karen, I was raised with love, k?! Sorry, that took a turn I didn't know was coming! (I also have "squirrel" brain so stay with me.) Fair warning, there WILL be cussing here.

Insert the man of my dreams when I completely just had given up on looking and wanted to focus on ME. Thanks babe for jumping into my life when I just wanted a little "me" time....that seems to be a reoccuring trait of yours even after all these years, like get out of my butt, geeze guy. Little back story here, we were already friends before hand. He was actually one of the people I was initially coming to visit on the road trip to California. It was one of those blossoming relationships you honestly didn't even notice was forming right in front of your eyes. I remember the exact moment it CLICKED about my feelings for him. He had flown me home by surprise for a family reunion. When I flew back and he picked me up, he had a Yeti tumbler with Bud Light in it and said "I know flying makes you nervous and I know this isn't suppose to be in my car, but I know beer calms you down and I figured you would need it after the long flight home." Yep, que the heartmelt and instant realization that my heart had already been taken for longer than my brain even knew. You will hear more about him later so I will keep this initial post short and sweet. We are now married, looking to move, and have our fur baby that is our complete world. Speaking of our baby, you want to meet him?

AHH! This is our baby boy, Lincoln. I mean we never actually call him by his name (you pet owners know what I mean), and boy does he have our hearts. He is 4 now and he is a rescue pup that was abandoned on a farm in Oklahoma. We got him still as a tiny little fella. He is a Great Pyrenees/Boxer mix and one of the most stubborn dogs I have ever met, much like his dad. I will tell you one thing though, I cannot imagine our family without him, and seeing that happy tail wag every single time he sees us is a feeling of pure joy I don't think I could ever properly put into words. Thank you for choosing us, Bubba. (that is what I call him)

So, cheers, that is a little about me. I am also obsessed with champagne and brunch, hence the picture for one more little tid bit. You will learn plenty more about me as we continue this journey together. I hope to learn more about yall as well if you hit that Facebook button and jump over to my page to introduce yourself as well! Until next time my friends. Xoxo, Cait

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