Walk a mile in someone else's shoes...

Let me start out by saying I admire what those words are trying to convey, but let's be honest, you can never truly put yourself in someone else's shoes. Yes, we all go through life's moments. Some highs, some lows, some very mundane motion by motion days. Some may be very similar experiences to someone you know, which is great because it is always nice to have someone to talk to that can relate...in their own way...but that's just it isn't it. It's always in THIER own way because no two stories have ever been or ever will be the same. I am saying all of this to jump into my recent experience of moving out of the country. For those of you reading this right now that don't know, my husband and I recently (literally a week ago today) made our move to Costa Rica. Land of "Pura Vida". And as beautiful as the destination is, it didn't make the journey here all glitter and champagne (although there was a lot of that for me along the way.) I know many others that have made a move out of country, but are our experiences the same? Absolutely not...and quite frankly they shouldn't be. Let's dive into the gritty for my story, shall we? IT WAS NOT EASY. This choice to move out of the country came with selling basically everything we own, a very difficult decision to leave our dog (our baby basically) with my parents, and spemding so much reunited time with family for over a month that it made it extremly difficult to actually go through with. To say there were moments I felt so lost to the point of losing connection to who I am seems like an understatement. And that is not to say I don't feel like I made the right decision, because I truly feel I am exactly where I am suppose to be, that is just me being brutally honest in my own journey. There were so many quiet moments to sit and reflect on absolutely everything that it became so overwhelming to points where I lost connection with myself from time to time. "Are we doing the right thing?" "It feels so great to be around family again, should we wait a little longer before making this leap?" "What happens if nobody supports our journey and we lose connections with those we love?" "Why don't they have White Claw in Costa Rica?" That last one is only slightly a joke to lighten the mood. I was bouncing all over the place in businesses because I just needed to feel grounded and connected. I paused on social media for a bit because what do you even post about when you don't know what you are feeling? Does anyone know to even ask me if I am okay because who feels like anything could possibly be wrong with the girl that gets to move to Costa Rica? Yes, clearly I had many moments of self pity along this ride. Which is NOT in my character at all, so that is how I realized I was losing connection with my own self. Cue the gratitude journal! I started waking up every morning and turning my questions into thank you's. Rather than being SO distraught over my doggy, I wrote that I was thankful for my parents and that he had a yard to run around in and truly be a dog. Rather than wondering why nobody could see my struggles, I wrote that I was grateful that I got to be someone to do this before people I care about so that I could be of help to them and let them know they aren't alone. The list goes on as you can imagine, but it was the kick in my own ass that I needed. THIS IS A BLESSING.

So, no, you can't walk a mile in someone else's shoes. You can't ALWAYS realte to someone else's story. But you can be there for others when their shoes may be wearing a little thin. And you can always remember to be grateful for the shoes on your feet....and when they are extra sturdy, don't be afraid to share the extra cushion with someone else. Xoxo, Cait

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